Founded 8000 B.C.

The Native Village of Afognak


Our Mission


At Mal’uk Farms our mission is produce high quality, year-round produce and to commit to making strong contributions for food security for our tribal elders and community while preserving cultural knowledge and implementing economic enterprises for future generations.


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MalukFarms3.jpgOur Farm


Established in 2020 by the Native Village of Afognak and Tangirnaq Native Village, the name is derived from the Alutiiq word Mal'uk, meaning two. These two Kodiak based tribes are unifying their efforts to support the development of food security in Kodiak and promote cultural knowledge. Mal’uk Farms was formed with support from Suupet Neregkwarluki, We Are Feeding Our People, the Kodiak Archipelago Leadership Institute’s three-year project funded through the US Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Native Americans.  The collective goal of the project is to establish year-round hydroponic production throughout the region.

At present, Mal'uk Farms is the only tribally owned farm on Kodiak's road system. The farm’s priority is providing fresh foods to tribal elders while offering a local food source to community residents.​

The farm is located right in the heart of the city of Kodiak. With the limited usable land in town and with the limited growing season in our region, a hydroponics growing technique called Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) is utilized. With an NFT system inside a controlled growing environment, Mal'uk Farms can produce and harvest fresh food year-round! The farm is currently operating two hydroponic cabinets and a Container Growing System or CGS, that can grow up to 20,000 heads of produce a year!


To embrace, protect, develop, and enhance Alutiiq culture, protect our traditional use areas and encourage unity among the Alutiiq of the Kodiak Archipelago