Founded 8000 B.C.

The Native Village of Afognak

NVA Staff

Office Staff

Candace Branson, Tribal Administrator

Shannon Kitka, Accountant

Anthony Hoedel-Lukin, Accounting Assistant & Environmental Program Assistant

Taletha Gertz, IGAP Coordinator

Nina Gronn, Farm & Facilities Manager

Yvonne Mullan, Grants Manager

Alyssa Brenteson, Executive Assistant

Emma Sutton, Office Coordinator

Margaret Alpiak, Office Assistant

Denise Malutin, Program Manager & Dig Afognak Manager

Becky Gomez, Hydroponics Technician





To embrace, protect, develop, and enhance Alutiiq culture, protect our traditional use areas and encourage unity among the Alutiiq of the Kodiak Archipelago