Founded 8000 B.C.

The Native Village of Afognak

Banya (Magiwik) Towels

Beach/Banya Towels are 30 x 60, white on one side and the design printed on the other. They are 52% cotton and 48% polyester and are priced at $35.00 which doesn't include shipping and handling. To place an order, please call the NVA office at 907-486-6357 or email

Qutmek Towel.jpg

Qutmek - From the beach

The mask featured in this towel was designed to pay respect to our Alutiiq cultural values of stewardship over the land, animals, sky and water. Artist - Hanna Sholl








NEW DESIGN! Artist - Hanna Sholl


NEW DESIGN! Artist - Hanna Sholl


Ilapet - Family

This design depicts petroglyphs and is named the family. Artist - Hanna Sholl










Kiak - Summer

This towel design was inspired by Kodak's beautiful summers where our people spend most of our long days harvesting all of the amazing natural foods our land has to offer. Artist - Hanna Sholl.


NEW DESIGN! Artist - Hanna Sholl

To embrace, protect, develop, and enhance Alutiiq culture, protect our traditional use areas and encourage unity among the Alutiiq of the Kodiak Archipelago